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When is the last time you felt good in your body? Working with the Integrative Medical Arts Group in Palm Springs, Anka brings a rare blend of intuition, compassion and education to her sessions. She inately understands and tunes in to your body, listening to what your body is needing in order to effectively direct a natural treatment plan that will resonate specifically with you. Anka taps into the natural healing capacity of your own body by using ancient healing techniques and combining them with modern day therapies. Let her create a personalized program designed just for your optimal wellness and restored well-being.

Palm Desert California
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Contact Information:
Anka Jovanovic
Ph 760-674-5912 Email Us

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Dr. Audrey Reed has a BA in Business, MA and PhD in Spiritual Sciences. Her medicine bundle is filled with NLP, hypnotherapy, and she is a Master Reiki Practitioner. She is a student of indigenous rituals, ceremonies and medicine works ranging from Native American to South American peoples. She has traveled and practiced with the foremost shamanic teachers and ceremonial peoples of the world. She is the Production Director for the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers sponsored by the Center for Sacred Studies.

La QuintaCalifornia 92253
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Contact Information:
Ph 760-777-6610 Email Us

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In September 2009, Bhatki Fest opened its doors to 2,500 people! Over the course of 3 days people gathered for continuous kirtan, yoga classes, and mind-opening workshops and seminars. It was described as the "Woodstock of the kirtan movement."

Bhakti Fest 2010 has been extended to a 4 day event--September 9-12. It will take place in the desert a couple hours east of Los Angeles--in Joshua Tree, CA.

This year's festival will host some of the most celebrated kirtan leaders in the world--including Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Bhagavan Das, Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, Wah!, and MC Yogi. Daily yoga classes will be taught in the style of Vinyasa-flow, Iyengar, Kundalini, Anusara, and Bhakti yoga, by such world-famous instructors as Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Annie Carpenter, Duncan Wong, and Mark Whitwell. The festival also has an impressive roster of lectures and seminars. For a complete list of performers, instructors, and presenters, you can visit
Joshua TreeCalifornia
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Contact Information:
Mukti Silberfein
Email Us

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Dr. Debra is a chiropractor, holistic health instructor, spiritual coach, and guided imagery specialist. She has continued her studies in the ancient arts of shamanism and spiritualism, as well as other metaphysical subjects, for the past 25 years. Her passion is to expand her healing and teaching practices in the spiritual realms, and she is committed to extending our awareness of intuition as part of our natural evolutionary process. She believes that as we embrace our natural gifts and no longer oppress them, we will be able to open up our minds to higher brain function and greater levels of awareness.

The Dancing Light School of Intuition is now offering a new Intuition 101A course. In this class, you will learn meditation techniques, third-eye opening exercises, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other mind-expanding techniques. Visit her website for all upcoming classes and locations. is Dr. Debra’s site for private spiritual coaching sessions.

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Contact Information:
Ph 310-995-6478 Email Us

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Elana brings a blend of science and mystery to her healing arts practice. Trained in the medical field working primarily with chronic illness, she felt compelled to explore the healed state as opposed to remaining locked in the paradigm of illness. She employs a no-nonsense approach to clearing allergies based on the Nambudripad's technique. She uses NET for clearing emotional blocks and self-sabatoging behavior. Her skill in Neuro Modulation Technique (NMT) combined with her knowledge of human anatomy is a winning combination for your wellbeing. Certifications include: NMT - NET - NAET - CRA - ART - NEAT, however Elana has developed her own methods and healing techniques that surpass these skill.

Contact Information:
Ph 760-322-8853. Email Us

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Essante Organics is The 1rst and "ONLY" Chemical Free and Certified Organic Living Company in the World- Focusing on "Live Raw Organic Whole Food Nutrition!" Inside and Out....EXPERIENCE the EVOLUTION!!
Palm DesertCalifornia 92260
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Contact Information:
Ph 760-898-2261 Email Us

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Renee Baribeau, the “Practical Shaman,” is a Soul Coach. She is an accomplished mentor, respected business coach, dynamic spiritual teacher, speaker, and published author. Renee is well known for her no-nonsense, “Tell it like it is” approach in helping others to achieve successful business practices. Her clients include entrepreneurs, CEO’s, movie executives, cultural creative’s and “Socialpreneurs.” Renee is available to train your staff to become Brand Advocates of your Business through her lively keynote addresses and customized training programs, including private retreats. Renee was the Founder, and former Director for Desert Holistic Network, a Southern California Network of Socialpreneurs. She also mentored guests as the resident shaman for the “We Care Holistic Spa.” Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, she has owned and successfully operated restaurants, catering companies, and spent ten years as a corporate executive. Renee is a dynamic business leader and a humble servant of her community and the world at large. A social media guru Renee teaches her business-coaching clients how to market their dreams and make them a reality. Through her personal journey Renee learned that we are the producers, directors, scriptwriters, and starring characters in our personal lives. She decided to write a juicy script pulsing with adventure, power, love, wisdom and freedom. The journey was arduous, and along the way, she realized that life’s lessons are the best teacher, and that true “success” is the result of inspirational energy lying latent within the core of every individual. Renee decided to consolidate her vast array of valuable experiences into a complete coaching system, which she uses to help others in realizing their untapped potential and achieve success. By employing the principles of “Energy” and “Process,” Renee is able to assist individuals and businesses in reaching their goals. Utilizing her shamanic training and proven western healing practices, she coaches clients by teaching them how to recognize and release inner tensions. Her ability to delve into core issues is at the heart of every process. Renee has completed three levels of study with Mari Smith including Extreme Fan Base Growth, Facebook Money Mastery, and Social Midas. She is adept in graphic design and video production, combining sound business tactics with mysticism as vital elements in her coaching program. - See more at:
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Contact Information:
Renee Baribeau
Email Us

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Come visit our little bit of heaven. We offer the experience of true union of body-mind-spirit. Our staff is experienced, talented and filled with enthusiasm. The classes range from Beginning, Gentle and Restorative Yoga, to Eclectic Flow Level 2-3 and Ashtanga Primary Series. We also offer Belly Dancing, Meditation classes and Teens Urban Yoga for Phys. Ed. Credit.

Kristin Olson - Owner/Founder/Yoga Master Bio - Kristin realized her true inner peace in sharing and teaching Yoga in many ways. A teacher now for over 25 years, she founded Urban Yoga Center in Palm Springs, CA. As a Yoga Master Instructor, she now is able to share many more students with her excellent and specialized staff. It is her life's passion to have Yoga available to as many others that is possible.

458 S Palm Canyon Drive California 92262
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Contact Information:
Kristin Olson
Ph 760-320-7702 Email Us

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